Personal Branding

A good profesional photo of yourself will make customers connect with you and your brand.
Personal Branding
Personal branding photoshoot for Cybel Betancourt by Celébrate, LLC.

A good profesional photo of yourself will make customers connect with you and your brand.

When it comes to your business, you put up with all the work of analyzing your client, offering a quality service or product, and creating content that you think will make your customers buy from you. Maybe you have the best product at the best prices, but potential clients will need to trust you before buying from you. To gain this trust is necessary to show the face behind the business.

  1. Getting in front of the camera
  2. Tell your story
  3. Gain your customers trust
  4. Grow a community
  5. Let’s work together

Getting in front of the camera

Let’s be honest, not everyone feels secure in front of the camera. You may start thinking people won’t be interested in seeing a selfie of you, or hear what you need to say. So many thoughts can roamed your mind: which is the best angle, or the best background, is my makeup okay, do I need to fix my hair better? The reality is people want to know who is behind your offering and I can help you feel more secure in front of the camera.

This is me in front of the lens for a change, Betzaida Pagan photographer and owner of Celébrate, LLC. Photo by Amy Bello

Tell your story

Before your professional photos are taken I like to know more about your story, your why. What motivates you and how you help your clients. All of these things are used to design a personalized photoshoot that will tell who you are and what you do in a single image.

Cybel Betancourt, president of Buenas Cosas, LLC., and life mentor.

Meet Cybel Betancourt, president of Buenas Cosas, LLC and professional life mentor. She wanted to showcase the energy she brings to her conferences and to be able to promote her self-help book “Yo valgo 18 quilates”. A book that help readers make life-changing decisions with different activities. Her photos stand out in every Social Media post and promotions.

Cybel Betancourt, author of "Yo valgo 18 quilates"

Gain your customers trust

Before having online shops or social media portfolios, customers visited a physical store, got helped form business owners or employees, buy whatever they needed, and if they had a good experience, they came back for more. Now, in a digital world, people enter your shop or portfolio, only see products, maybe prices or offers, if you thought about it, there may be some FAQs or rules around for them to know how it works. The human part is left behind, there may be a photo of a model, but there is no interaction with the people behind the brand. This is where a good picture of you followed with a short story about your why will come in handy. Customers like to buy from real people, that’s what makes them trust you with their purchase.

Rosimar Zaragoza, realtor

As a realtor, Rosimar Zaragoza may step in to the catalogue world of house browsing, but she wanted their clients to know who they were trusting their future house to. She wanted to create photos to use in her digital marketing campaigns, and maintain a uniform brand between Social Media. The photoshoot results let’s her be a part of her clients experience while browsing online.

Grow a Community

After gaining the trust of your customer you will want them to stay and share their experience, how do you do that? Keep showing up and telling how you can keep helping them. A happy customer keeps buying and bringing new customers. Let me help you build a strong community with images that you can share and tell your story.

Larimar Rodríguez is a wedding planner-coordinator, she began her business meeting with clients and helping them with their wedding details. Today, she keeps on sharing photos of her in weddings and growing her online community.

Let’s work together

I am here to help you have photos that shows your personal brand to the world. These professional portraits will show your followers more about your personality and qualities that define you.

  1. Send me your information and you will receive a brochure for you to choose the service and pick a date for your photoshoot.
  2. I will help you design a personalized photoshoot based in your work and values.
  3. After, you will have access to a private gallery so you can choose your photos and later on share them on your social media or use it for promoting your business.