Photoshoot in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Photoshoot in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico
Family Photoshoot and anniversary celebration in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Enjoy the historical city full of culture with photos of you and your family

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Photoshoot in Castillo de San Felipe del Morro's patio

Imagine visiting a beautiful city surrounded by colonial architecture, local cuisine, colorful streets, historical places, and folkloric music; but not been able of having a good photo. Not just a cramped selfie that does not do justice to this beautiful place. Maybe you are the designated photographer, but when it's time of taking your picture it is a mess: blurry, head cut off, shoes cropped, the wrong pose, eyes close or many other details that are not worth sharing with others. Do not worry, now you have a photographer you can book to take dreamy photos that deserve to be share with everyone.

Family Photoshoot in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

When planning your visit to Old San Juan make sure to choose places according to your taste and interests. If you are traveling with kids or teenages make sure to include them in the decision! The city may be look small, but it si filled of details and specific places for different moods and likings. Make sure to have someone who can guide you specially when there are festivities and is full of visitors.

With me you can get a photo where you look spectacular and you can share it with your loved ones on social media. In the ten years of been a photographer, one of my clients' favorite places is Old San Juan because of their colorful buildings, forts, and big plazas. I remember walking its streets with my family or friends in different moments of my live. No matter if we stayed by the bay, fly kites in El Morro or just taste a piragua (snowcone), we always had a fun time. All this experiences made me learned almost every spot of the fortified city and be able to guide you to the picture perfect places.

Individual Photoshoot in the Paseo de la Princesa of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Remember the magic of Old San Juan with a photo that makes you look great. Booking is very easy:

  1. Choose your favorite offer and separate the date and time. We will contact you to confirm your information and the details of the session.
  2. Prior to the date, we coordinate the type of session you prefer: a walk through different streets, a single site in Old San Juan, or mix it with near places!
  3. After the session you will receive a private gallery where you can choose your favorite photos and then easily share them to your social networks.
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