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Caribbean Fairytale Wedding: Maggie & Alex's Photography Coverage in Old San Juan

Caribbean Fairytale Wedding: Maggie & Alex's Photography Coverage in Old San Juan
Enchanting wedding ceremony at Church San Jose in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, by Betzy of Celébrate Creative Studio

Maggie & Alex's Photography Coverage in Church of San Jose, El Convento Old San Juan

Every couple dreams of a picture-perfect wedding, a celebration of their love surrounded by their loved ones. For Maggie and Alex, their dream wedding became a reality in the architecturally and historically rich Church of San Jose in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. Despite last-minute changes, they entrusted their photography coverage to the talented Betzy from Celébrate Creative Studio, who beautifully captured their special day. In this blog, we will delve into the details of their wedding photography experience, from the unexpected changes to the picturesque ceremony and post-wedding photoshoot in the enchanting city of Old San Juan.

A Recommendation Worth Celebrating: Maggie and Alex's journey with Celébrate Creative Studio began when one of their bridesmaids highly recommended the services. The couple's friend is a local, and a friend of her highly recommended Betzy, Celébrate's talented photographer. Intrigued by the recommendation, Maggie reached out to us and received a detailed email outlining their options. Initially they planned a post-wedding photoshoot in El Morro, the couple later decided to change their plans and requested photography coverage from the beginning of the ceremony.

Embracing Change and Celebrating Love: On the day of the wedding, Maggie and Alex's plans underwent a spontaneous shift. With the desire to capture every precious moment, they opted to have Celébrate's services start from the beginning of the ceremony. Understanding the importance of this decision, Betzy gladly accepted the change and adjusted her schedule accordingly.

A Serene Morning in Old San Juan: Betzy arrived at the architecturally stunning Church of San Jose on a beautiful morning, ready to document every moment of the ceremony. As Maggie and Alex exchanged their vows and shared their love with their closest friends and family, Betzy skillfully captured the emotions and significance of the occasion. The timeless beauty of the church provided a captivating backdrop for their union. By the end of the ceremony they did the wedding party photos, group photos, and family portraits. The newlywed were very happy for how everything was turning to be.

Maggie and Alex wedding at the historical Church of San Jose in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, taken by Betzy of Celébrate Creative Studio
Entire wedding party and guest at Church of San Jose in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, taken by the Betzy of Celébrate Creative Studio

A Breakfast Celebration at El Convento Hotel: Following the ceremony, the wedding party made their way to the nearby El Convento Hotel, where they spontaneously chose to have breakfast. This impromptu addition to the itinerary allowed for cherished moments of togetherness and celebration. Betzy utilized this time to capture candid photos of the couple and their loved ones, reflecting the warmth and joy shared by all.

Newlyweds strolling by the beautiful colonial city of Old San Juan, taken by Betzy of Celébrate Creative Studio
Maggie's and Alex's favorite at El Convento Hotel in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, by Betzy of Celébrate Creative Studio

Journeying to El Morro for the Photoshoot: After the breakfast celebration, the group embarked on a post-wedding photoshoot at El Morro. While all the guest arrived to El Morro, we took the liberty of doing a fast scouting of the premises. Betzy quickly identified the best route to take considering some elderly guest that could not do a complicate stroll. Led by Betzy's creative vision, they explored the historic site, capturing breathtaking moments against the backdrop of the ocean and the iconic El Morro's Chapel. The couple's decision to include this location in their photography coverage honored their original plans and added a touch of nostalgia to the day. We intentionally did some pictures of the newlyweds in front of the chapel for them to have a memory of that day.

Newlyweds in front of the Chapel of El Morro in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, taken by Betzy of Celébrate Creative Studio.
Wedding party and guest at El Morro in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. Taken by Betzy of Celébrate Creative Studio

A sincere thank you note:
The day after the wedding the couple heartedly thanked us for our great work and excellent attention to detailed. They were move by the kindness and willingness of Betzy and her assistant of staying extra time, adapting to the all the last minute changes, and doing everything with the best of actitud towards everyone. They felt that Celébrate made their day much better because of their hardworking and personality.

Newlyweds in front of a Garita at El Morro in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, taken by Betzy of Celébrate Creative Studio.

A Fairy Tale Realized: Days later, Maggie and Alex received a preview of their wedding photos and were overwhelmed with joy at the stunning results. The fairytale ambiance of Old San Juan had been impeccably captured, from the intimate moments in the church to the joyous gathering at El Convento Hotel and the timeless beauty of El Morro. Weeks later, they received their complete digital gallery, from which they selected their favorite photo for enlargement. Even though they were already settled in their new home, the framed picture was delivered to them by mail, serving as a tangible reminder of their unforgettable day.

Maggie and Alex's wedding in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, was a true celebration of their love and the bonds they share with their nearest and dearest. Despite last-minute changes to their plans, their vision was beautifully documented thanks to the exceptional photography services provided by Celébrate Creative Studio and the talented Betzy. From the historic Church of San Jose to the charming streets of Old San Juan, the delightful breakfast at El Convento Hotel, and the picturesque setting of El Morro, every moment was expertly captured. The couple can now relive their special day for years to come through the stunning photographs that showcase their love, joy, and the unique beauty of their chosen locations. Maggie and Alex's wedding serves as a reminder that even with unexpected twists, the power of love and the skillful artistry of photographers like Betzy can create a truly unforgettable and magical experience.

Bride and Groom in their post wedding photoshoot in El Convento Hotel, Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, taken by Betzy of Celébrate Creative Studio.

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